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Account Manager

Account Manager

Account Manager
QMS is a communication agency with a broad knowledge of marketing, advertising and social networks that allow us to achieve a mix of tools that reinforce and give an inestimable value to every action we undertake. Our objective is to provide our clients with the tools necessary to achieve that their objectives are met, adapting to the needs and characteristics of each company and the time for action.

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Account Manager

We work:

With Companies: different sectors

QMS acts as an intermediary between the client and the mass media developing the strategies and actions of global communication (360 º) necessary to improve its brand image, to increasing its level of reputation, positioning a product or campaign, transmitting messages to the final client increasing its turnover.

With Advertising Agencies

We collaborate with them to promote and reinforce their advertising campaigns developing innovative 360º marketing actions, that allow them to increase the profitability of the investment of their clients, multiplying their visibility and media repercussion.
With Producers

We are responsible for getting the maximum reputation for their formats and programs developing actions that reinforce its presence in the mass media.
Also, and providing that it is precise, we take part in the processes of CASTING. Our experience and years of work have allowed us to elaborate a wide database of personalities and celebrities. In the last years we have carried out the castings for Supervivientes (2006-2011), Canta si puedes, Desafío bajo Cero, Adivina quién viene a cenar, Clever, El Club de Flo, El método Gonzo…
Strategy and innovation in Social Networks

At present, the social networks have gained a significant importance in the world of the communication and have turned into a very effective tool to reach the final client easily.
QMS has specialized in this area, so we offer:

Social Media Strategy
Strategic plans development and tactical implementation.
Evaluation and development of Digital Identity 2.0
Definition of methodologies, organs of government, measurement systems and sectorial observatories.

2.0 Campaigns
Creation and production of campaigns in Social Media.
Production of constant dynamization plans.

Training Courses (Coaching)
Development of Social Media: blogs, communities, social media...
Generation of content in Corporate Social Media.
Solar Decathlon Europe, QMS client,
"The Sustainable Energy Europe
Award Competition 2011"
in the EU, in the category of communication.

In 2009, we received the
"EFI award for efficiency in
commercial communication"
for the success of the campaign
Depósito Amigo, Banco
Gallego and Contrapunto

Personalizing each case.

Studying brand, market, client,
product and target.

Selecting carefully the means and providers.
Using tools 2.0 and new technologies.

Demanding the maximum efficiency and quality.
Optimizing the resources, to achieve
maximum repercussion.

Checking even the most minimal detail to
achieve success.

Applying maximum objectivity.