Moby Dick Sin Límites - QMS Comunicación
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Moby Dick Sin Límites

Moby dick written from beginning to end without the letter “e” to raise awareness about disability. For the first time Capitan Ahab is missing an arm and not a leg, instead of chasing a whale he is looking for an octopus and the story takes place in Cuba and not Nantucket.

It is a unique version of the legendary tale which seeks to show that although the story changes, it can be equally wonderful. People with disabilities are fully aware of this as they write their own stories every day and do not believe in limits. It is an inspiring and original story designed to raise awareness in society about equality of opportunity for all through culture.


Winner in the Festival El Sol. On PR over than 500 appearances, on print, online, TV and radio in one week with more than 11 million impacts.


4 July 2019